2011. november 17., csütörtök

Look for the ring! What ring?

I think I need to say at the very beginning: I screwed it.

On my last visit to Hamburg I lost my wedding ring. Although my wife is very understanding most of the cases, but I feel maybe I crossed a line.

How did I managed to lost a ring? Well it is a good question, this is why I created this blog. I want to find the answer and the ring.

What I know that I had it yesterday Morning (16th November) .

Here is my itinerary:

Around 9:00, I started from Hamburg, with the U1 line at the 'Stephansplatz' station heading for Alsterdorf, but somehow I missed the stop so I went all up to 'Langenhorn Nord', there I changed direction and went back to Alsterdorf.

After the sightseeing, I changed to the bus nr. 23 until the 'Alsterkrugchaussee (Mitte)' stop.

This is where I work currently. As this was the last day, I went to the airport using the P8/P9 bus.

Yeah. I'm on my way to home. I thought I have a good day. I could get one earlier plane, no delays, seamless transfer at München airport (which is very unusual recently).

And at least... I got to home in Budapest, to face the QUESTION! Where's your ring?!

This is one of the most horrific question that man can have apart from 'Do I look fat?'

'Ooops, I did it again' comes the song into my mind, but it won't help, the temperature is already below freezing point.

Well long story short, here I am: a RINGLESS. (Thanks for my wife, not homeless. Well the doghouse is a nice place anyhow (fun)).

I wore this ring since our engagement in 2008, it became part of me, and this is why I appeal to the 7bn people on earth.

Here is the plan:

Please share this link on as many networking page as possible to help me or use the 'like' button on the page or send the link to your friends even if they are not located in Budapest, München or Hamburg. You never know, I bet you are connected with Bill Clinton through maximum 5 people.

Somebody might found it and wonder whose this ring is. Inside the ring there is a date 2009.07.11, it was our wedding date.

Please help me to find it, to make a poor guy's day much better. (and for the dog, because he is practically homeless now ;-)


I don't own a dog. But I promise that If I ever see my 'precious' again, I'll adopt one!

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